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How would it feel:

✨ to transform your social media presence into a visually stunning online shop front;

✨ to connect and engage with your target customers and reach new potential customers every day;

to create an online buzz about your business or brand which translates into real sales;

to create loyal brand advocates out of your followers;

to drive traffic to your website – or increase footfall in your bricks and mortar business?

Social media, when done well, can help to achieve all these results for your business. Adding Facebook and Instagram advertising to your strategy can enable you to scale up much more quickly.

This is where I can help. I offer expert training and ongoing support to ensure that your social media (both paid and organic) works for you and gets the results you need. I offer an individual approach, tailor made to your needs and budget – whether you need some quick training to get you started, or ongoing management of your Facebook ads account.

Find out more about my services below, or get in touch for a free discovery call!

Facebook/Instagram Advertising


40 million people – 71% of UK adults – can be reached through Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram advertising can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways of reaching your target audience – but it can also be a way of throwing good money after bad if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I offer various packages to help you get results from your Facebook and Instagram ads – ranging from power hours through to a full ads management service.

Strategic Social Media Consultancy


Strategic consultancy in the form of Power Hours and longer sessions, including audit of your social media channels. 

Over longer sessions I can help you to create a full social media strategy – or zone in on the particular areas which you need help with, for instance creating a content plan.

Alternatively, I can create a full social media strategy for your business, and assist with setting up and optimising your channels, creating on-brand visuals and creating a content plan and guidelines for you.

In-house Training and Support


I offer tailored training including platform specific workshops on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and training on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

I can also offer training on specific issues, for example helping you to create on-brand visuals for your social media platforms, or apps to use to help save you time and effort.

All 1-1 training includes a written report and recommendations. Ongoing training and support packages can be tailored to your requirements.

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