Five Top Tips for Twitter – Infographic

Jul 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Are you using Twitter for your business? Fast-paced, real-time, it’s the best place to make connections (whether local, national or global), find content, read about the issues that matter, and stay in touch with what’s trending.  13m people in the UK use Twitter and it’s the best platform to join in the conversation around trends and topical events, as well as being the go-to platform for customer services.  A Twitter presence is an essential for many businesses today – and yet many people are still nervous of it, understandably given its notoriety for trolls and the general overwhelming noise which greets you when you first log in.  However, by joining the right conversations and following a few simple guidelines, it can be a fantastic place to be.  Here are my top tips for getting started.


For more general advice on getting started with your social media strategy, check out my blog here.  Please come and connect with me on twitter, and share this infographic if you have found it helpful!

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