The A-B-C of Social Media Strategy

Jan 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

The A-B-C of Social Media Strategy

Do you have a strategy underpinning your social media – or are you just posting off the cuff? ⁣

Of course the latter is absolutely fine when posting to your personal channels – but if you are using social media for your business then really you need to be more strategic.

Here’s my “Social Media A-B-C” to get you started! ⁣


Before doing anything else, you need to know WHO you are speaking to – or rather, who you WANT to be speaking to.⁣

Spend some time defining your ideal audience/customer – going beyond just age and gender to consider what interests them, what their pain points are, and how you can help them. ⁣

Ask yourself – what social media channels do they spend their time on – and what do they use them for? What other media do they consume (magazines, newspapers, TV)? Where do they shop? What other businesses, brands or influencers do they follow on social media?

Then consider why they would be interested in your brand – how can you help them, and why should they choose your product or service rather than a competitors?

Getting a real insight into your audience will help to ensure that you are reaching the right people, in the right way. ⁣


No, I’m not talking about your logo and colour scheme!⁣

Not to say that these don’t matter – having a consistent visual identity across your social media platforms is important, and getting the visuals right – profile pictures, cover images, photography and graphics – is vital to create a professional image.

However, your ‘brand’ on social media goes far beyond that – it means getting to the real essence of ‘you’, as an individual or organisation. It’s the feeling that you give people, the tone of voice you use, the topics that you talk about and causes that you support. ⁣

Is your brand aspirational or relatable? Do you want to make people laugh, or engage them on serious issues? Being consistent and authentic helps to establish trust with your target audience, and build brand loyalty.

Consider: what are your brand values? What are three words which you would like your ideal customer to think of if they were asked to describe you? What are you passionate about? What topics will be the cornerstones of your content? And how are you going to convey all of this – is your brand more suited to short videos, long text posts, memes and gifs – or a mixture?


Content is king – we have all heard that – but what content should YOU be sharing? ⁣

It’s so important to share a variety of content, rather than falling into the “me, me, me!!!” trap and just broadcasting your latest offers or products in every post. ⁣

Of course, your customers do want to hear about these – but to make yourself worth following and engaging with you also need to be adding value to their social feeds in other ways. This may be through helpful tutorials and tips, inspiration, or humour and entertainment. ⁣

The ideal is to find that ‘sweet spot’ with your content where it reflects your brand, but also connects with what your audience is interested in. ⁣

Think⁣ of at least five different content ‘pillars’ which are relevant both to your brand and your audience. These might include (for instance) behind-the-scenes content, promotional posts, inspirational customer stories, your local area, and how-to’s or tutorials. This will not only help you when it comes to deciding what to post about – it will also help create a real connection with your audience, and make your social media stand out from the ‘salesy’ crowd with interest and variety.

⏳ Spending time thinking about these now will make a huge difference in the long run. Do get in touch if you would like to have a free chat about how I can help you with developing a social media strategy which helps you to stand out!

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