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Training and Workshops

Would you like to save time and be more effective with your social media marketing? Perhaps you don’t have the budget to outsource social media, but need some expert help to make sure you are getting results.

I offer Power Hours which can help you either in general with setting up or optimising your existing platforms, or on any particular platform which you need help with.

I can also offer 1-1 or in-house training, tailored to your needs. Whether you just require help with a particular platform, or need a full training package covering the creation of a full social media strategy (user personas, branding, content), I can provide a competitively priced training package which will give you the knowledge and confidence to run your social media platforms effectively.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to these services, I also offer regular workshops in Surrey on general social media strategy for business, as well as individual platforms. To view details of workshops currently booking, please click below.

Workshops start from £45, Power Hours from £99.

Set-up and Management

Perhaps you are not yet confident running your own platforms – or you simply don’t have the time.  I can, for a limited number of clients, offer ongoing management, based on an agreed strategy and content plan.

Management can include:

  • Devising a content calendar for created and curated content;
  • Content curation – sourcing excellent content for your social media feeds from diverse sources;
  • Creating social media posts including image, text and video depending on your requirements;
  • Managing daily activity on social media channels, engaging with followers and responding to questions or comments;
  • Publishing created and curated content to feeds in a visually appealing and engaging manner;
  • Monitoring relevant topics, trends and awareness days;
  • Maintaining lists of relevant influencers and engaging with influencers to build relationships;
  • Reporting on KPIs around key metrics, such as reach, impressions, engagement interactions and followers;
  • Suggesting themes for social media campaigns and managing campaign content creation, publishing and monitoring effectiveness.


Pricing starts from £400 / month per platform.

Social Media Strategy

A tailored service which will add value to your business – whether you are new to social media, or have established social platforms which are perhaps not bringing the results you want.

An audit of your existing channels will include a full review of what is working and what isn’t, and suggestions of concrete actions which you can take in the short, medium and longer term to improve results.

A full strategy will include:

  • setting business objectives with you for your social media;
  • identifying the most appropriate metrics to evaluate your specific campaign;
  • building detailed user personas (client/customer profiles) to ensure that activity reaches and engages your target audience;
  • recommending the most appropriate social media platforms to reach your target audience, and ensuring that existing platforms are optimised;
  • developing a bespoke campaign brand for your business, divided into content segments, and developing a strategy for curated/created content for your brand;
  • researching key influencers and hashtags for your brand to engage with to amplify your message.

Pricing starts from £75 for an audit of existing channels

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